A hairy trip down Hair Wigs Avenue in Bollywood

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For a new morning, a bad hair day doesnot exist. It is what we make of our attitude as we look in the mirror as we try to jumpstart the day. In most cases, you would be dismally trying to tame your frizzy hair or still smarting on someone’s off-hand remark on your hair at the party – “Oh! That hair color really clashes with your skin tone.” For some, it is battling anxiety because that bald patch seems to be having a life and intention of its own and seems like it is widening its boundaries. Hair problems are one too many and can really impact a person’s self-confidence.

Watching TV, as you surf between channels, a celebrity’s perfectly set hair can leave you depressed for the very reason yours isn’t. Cheer up! Life is too short to take hair problems seriously. A well-crafted, quality hair piece can easily make you sport the  same hair-style. The operative word being ‘quality’.

Bollywood celebrities have left no stone unturned when it comes to experimenting with different wigs. Here is a quick pick of some of the ‘iconic’ hair-wigs, which might even inspire you to get an all new look.

Zara Wasim in Secret Superstar


Zara Wasim did justice to her part as the 15- year old fighting against an orthodox father to achieve her dreams as a singer. To achieve this look Zara’s bob was replaced with a hair-piece to give her thick long tresses that was parted in double braids. If you want thick tresses slapping your back, as you stroll around, this could be a great option.

Aishwarya Rai in Robot


Are the long locks getting tiresome? Aishwarya Rai looks like a doe- eyed princess with the silver-streaked bob hair-piece she fashioned for her role in the Rajinikanth-starrer Robot. Perhaps, the bob could frame your face in a way that enhances your features.

Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar


Have you secretly harboured the fantasy of strumming away behind the guitar, and living like a rockstar? Get on the wild side by  purchasing an unruly long hair-piece like the one Ranbir Kapoor opted for in Rockstar.

Priyanka Chopra In Love Story 2050


Has the onyx black hair you lived with gotten boring?  Then go red, and purchase an auburn hair-piece like the one Priyanka Chopra adorned in the sci-fi flick, Love Story 2050.

Akshay Kumar in Tashan

Do you feel like going the Aussie way? Get inspired by the Shane Warne hair-piece Akshay Kumar jingled around in for a song in his film Tashan.

Salman Khan in Tere Naam

Greasy bangs falling into his eyes, Salman Khan’s look in Tere Naam appealed to the masses. Is that a look you wish to recreate? Give the look a try, if it doesn’t work it will at least give you something to laugh about.

The hair pieces gallery down Hair Wigs Avenue in Bollywood is endless, keep exploring if you wish to find a look that suits you. When celebrities go all out to achieve a particular look, what’s holding you back ? While movies stress on exaggeration, it is a different game altogether in real life for the likes of you and us. What you need is a quality hair system that looks natural, stays natural and is hassle-free. Let World Wide Hair Hub help you be the superstar personality you always wanted to be, in real life. The reel stories, are for the big screen.

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