Get the Fritz Effect with a world-class Hair System, only from World Wide Hair Hub

Fritz-Gotting-Founder-World-Wide-Hair-Hub-CanadaFritz Gotting, the Founder and Chief Stylist of World Wide Hair Hub, began his career in Canada in the early 2000s as a professional makeover artist.

Having worked with some of the leading brands in the fashion industry such as, Yves Saint Laurent Paris, Chanel and Guerlain Paris, Fritz has built a reputation on his professionalism and expertise. He is people person is also well know for his excellence in customer service. Having become an expert as a makeover artist, working on film, Fritz transitioned to the Hair Replacement industry, first in Canada and now as the founder of World Wide Hair Hub.

With his expert knowledge of hair loss situations and having “seen it all” when it comes to hair replacement solutions, his on-hand expertise in addressing the different phases of hair loss and  the many reasons of hair loss through unique Hair Systems has been the catalyst for founding World Wie Hair Hub.

My search for the ultimate hair loss solution was only complete when I started my own company World Wide Hair Hub.

20 years of  working in the domain of  non-surgical hair replacement, distributing Farrell Hair Replacement Systems & representing Hair Club in Canada, he understands that the best hair systems in the world must not only look good, but be affordable to everyone! “It’s really simple if you think about it”, he says, “if you want the most sought-after, undetectable, frontal hairline in the world and do not want to spend thousands of dollars, you can get the same look at the most affordable price in the world only with World Wide Hair Hub.”

Happy clients call that look the Fritz Effect.

As a pioneer in the Hair Replacement industry, it only goes to say that  his deep knowledge on hair systems can solve any type of hair loss situations, even fashioning  “ultra custom”  Hair Systems in design & manufacturing, to give the most natural look for anyone, worried about hair loss.

Fritz’s expertise and  range of products is now globally available  through dedicated Hair System  centers in Dubai, India, Europe, Australia, USA & Canada.

If you are tired of watching, waiting and wasting your money on expensive hair systems that are ‘temporary’ in all respects, you need to book your appointment to get the “Fritz Effect”, from the most sought after expert in the international non-surgical hair replacement arena.