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Different Types of Women Wigs


• Women have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing wigs. You can choose from women hair wigs which are made of completely curly hairs. The curly hairs have a lot of variety in itself as you can choose from ringlet curls, long curls, frizzy curls, short curls and more. We also have permed hair wigs in our curly hair women wig collections.

• Straight women wigs in Bangalore are another famous and much in demand women hair wigs. If you have always like straight long hair but could not flaunt due to those natural beach waves you have which you did not want to subject to either cutting or styling then get a straight hair wig for yourself and just flaunt whichever straight hairstyle you want.

• You also get a color variety in hair wigs. Our women hair wig collections are perfect for every mood you have. Flaunt your mood with our monotone and colorful women hair wigs. You can choose from single colored hair, real human hair retaining its natural color or colored artificial or real women hair in different shades. You can also choose women wigs that are colored based on the rainbow theme.

• All these women wigs in Bangalore are available in various shapes and styles. You can opt for wigs that help to cover your whole head, parts of your head where you are experiencing hair loss and bald spots and also portions of your head where you want to add a little more hair to enhance your volume.

• Both types of wigs are available in clip-in part hair wigs. Sheer lace cloth hair wigs are available for full coverage and partial coverage and you can attach the wigs with both hair glues and hair threads.

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