Hair Transplant and Hair Replacement Systems : Key Differences

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There is something more difficult than coming to terms with hair loss in men and women – the decision to choose the appropriate method to address it, whether to go for Hair Transplant or a Hair Replacement system. In our long years of experience in providing happy solutions for hair loss across the world, we felt it would be best to clearly lay it out there for those who are looking for an informed choice.

Hair Transplant and Hair Replacement Systems : Key Differences

• You are choosing between non-surgical and surgical.
• Any type of operation carries risks and there is always the chance that clients opting for the hair transplant surgery can suffer due to infection or even sudden loss of their newly transplanted hair (referred to as shock loss).
• With the hair system all that is required is to attach the new hair to your head, using the preferred method so this is zero risk.
• Hair transplant success depends very much upon the quality of the donor hair; if this is poor, the desired look may never materialise
• With the hair system, everyone can achieve the hair they want; whether you buy an off-the-shelf system or have one tailor-made to suit you, your hair will look good. It is also totally reversible so if you try a system that you do not like, you can remove it. You are not stuck with a look that you may not by happy with.
• With a transplant, what you see at the end is what you get. There is no way of giving you a ‘ trial’ or showing how the new hair might look. Unfortunately, you have to wait until the end of the process to see how good or bad the results are going to be.

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