Full Lace Wigs in Bangalore

Wigs area popular option for many these days and most people are no longer hesitate to embrace one as they are completely seamless and natural. Not only this, but they are also easy to use and offer a vast range of benefits. There is a vast variety of hairpieces that are available in the market and one can find a wide range of both human hair wigs as well as synthetic wigs. Many times when one decides to buy wigs they are left confused about which ones to buy. The choice between full lace wigs and a wig with a lace front can often leave one confused and indecisive. It is imperative to note the difference between the two types as they are different in the way that they are made

What is a full lace wig after all?

A full lace wig construction is quite different from its other counterparts and one needs to understand the difference before making a sound decision. It is woven over a lace cap that is used as a base to covers the entire head and mostly 100% human hair is very intricately knotted on to the base cap in a very neat way with the help of one’s hand.

The standard Remy lace wigs that are available usually have a strip of stretch that we stretched over the top of the crown area to allow for the scalp to breathe and also promote some hair movement. In many cases there might be some hair growth that is visible underneath the cap and also the cap is ideal for variations as per the size of each head.

The Lace is spread all around the wig to hold the hair firmly. It needs you to cut the lace as per your hairline.

These are comfortable and lightweight hair wigs that are also very durable.

They cover the entire head and give a seamless look. The wig uniquely covers the entire head to cover your bald scalp, therefore giving you a confident look.

As compared to front lace wig they are a more convenient style and sit comfortably on the scalp.

They are the most effective way of flaunting your new style as there is a track attached at the front edge and the hairline is not detectable at all.

It is advisable to wear a wig cap as this gives a great protection cover to the entire head and therefore gives you a natural look.

You can wear these wigs on any occasion and even during any activity that you perform. Sports, running, jogging, etc. do not make the wig lose and this is what makes full lace wigs a likable choice.

You can carry out your day to day activities without the fear of the wig coming off as it is woven so well. This also helps to camouflage your scanty hair and give you an Illusion of real hair.

It takes much longer to make full lace wigs as the process is a bit intricate and is this one of the reasons that makes them a bit more expensive in comparison to other counterparts. Virgin hair lace wigs can stay from 6 months to 1 year if a certain amount of care along with proper instructions are followed.

Here Are Some Of The Interesting Features Of Full Lace Wigs. 

They give out a completely authentic Look and are as natural-looking due to the lace hairline that they come with.

They give quick results and therefore can instantly change the look of your personality. If you are someone one who experiments with changing hairstyle or the color of your hair then having full lace wigs can give you that extra style and the option of creating varied looks at different times.

Full lace wigs are very easy to take off and can be worn with pretty much the same ease. You can also go in for glue-less full lace wigs and in this case, there is no tape or any form of adhesive needed.

While we have listed out the various features of full lace wigs, these are often confused with front lace wigs. As you read on we give information on what is the difference between the two and which one is a safer bet.

Full lace wigs are 100% tied wigs where each strand is carefully enwound into another one. They are a very versatile option as these wigs can be styled in different ways. The hair on full lace wigs are very natural to style and can be parted anywhere and styled in many different ways. A full lace wig is with lace all around as a base and can be easily worn in a high ponytail style, This gives it a give a more natural look as compared to the front lace wig.

Material Used For the Wigs 

In a lace front wig mostly there is a sheer lace base that is used, especially for the front portion. In some other kind of lace front wigs, the lace is used to cover the front half of the wig while in other cases the lace may be used only for an inch or two. The remaining part of the base is made out of a thicker material that gives it a good base and is comfortable to wear.

On the other hand full lace wigs, usually come with a base made up of lace. The lace helps to give complete comfort to the scalp and goes all the way to the back of the head.

Cost Factor 

Unlike the lace front wig, Full lace hair wigs are given a base that is made with lace. The hair is more intricately woven and therefore more versatile. This gives them the flexibility to be worn in various ways. It is this reason that makes full lace wigs a bit more expensive in comparison to the front lace wigs.

Because of the make of the full lace wigs, it gives them the cover of the entire scalp and back of the head. They, therefore, need to be installed in a slightly different way as compared to a lace front wig which is attached only from the front edges. It also entails one to wear a head cap to help the wig settle firmly on the scalp.