Hair Extensions in Bangalore

Are you worried that your hair is shorter than your best friend’s? Have you wondered what your condition will be better if you go bald? Have you thought of taking expensive treatments to grow your hair longer? Are you a resident of Bangalore? If you nodded your head to any of these questions, then we bring you the perfect cure for all your worries! Stop stressing out because that will affect your hair rooting and have faith in us! Why? Because we at Worldwide Hair Hub bring you the best methods of Hair Extensions in Bangalore.

What is Hair Extension?

Hairstyling enhances your personality. The hair on your head is one of the most pivotal parts of your traits and character. In the present conditions, maintaining your hair for an extended period has become tough. So, we bring you a solution which might change your life. Hair extensions are lengths of real or artificial hair which can be fixed to your scalp via several methods. When synchronized perfectly with the color and texture of your hair, and professionally set by an expert pair of hands, it might be not very easy for your admirers to tell that you are wearing them. Hair extensions move in naturally and mix in with your original hair. So, you need not worry about them.

Hair extensions come in many colors. We have the best hair extensions at World Wide Hair Hub, and you need not worry about the long list of your choices. We have them all! We provide the best hair extensions in Bangalore as we have an experienced team working with us. Hair extension needs prior knowledge, and our crew is well trained in these acts.

The Many Benefits of Hair Extension

Hair extensions provide volume and enhance the quality of your hairstyle. Well trained professionals like the ones at our place can easily extend hair or add highlights/lowlights without harming the color and quality of your hairstyle. Some extensions can be worn continuously for three months without affecting your hair. Here are some of the most.

PopularReasons As To Why Hair Extensions Are In Growing Demand:


  1. Volume: Hair extensions provide a certain gravitas and volume to your existing hairstyle. Extending your hair immediately boosts the way you present yourself.
  2. Length: The best thing about hair extensions is that the boundaries of length do not limit them. They are a wonderful and spontaneous way to transform your style. Imagine yourself having beautiful long hair like any Fairy TalePrincess! The impact will be a head turner!
  3. Colour and Highlights: Want a different shade? No issues! You can change your highlights and exercise your color options with full freedom while having a hair extension. Just add in a few highlights and flashes to discover the ‘new you’!


If you want to experience these benefits, then you should head straight into World Wide Hair Hub as we have the best hair extensions in Bangalore!

Types and Methods of Hair Extension

Numerous types of hair extensions will transform your persona. The extensions that are added on to your hair need to be duly taken care of. These extensions are made through thorough procedures. Here are some of the types and methods of hair extension:


  1. Double Hair Color: It is just as cool as it sounds. Double hair allows you to add instant color without the use of any chemicals. Double hair comes as cent percent weft strips that can be attached temporarily using clips or permanently by using plus bonds. The strips will provide brilliant shades to your hair!
  2. Weaves: Ever dreamed about the urban pop artists who design their hair in cornrows? Well, guess what? We at World Wide Hair Hub can make your dream come true. We give the best hair extension options in Bangalore. If you like, then you can have your hair braided into tiny cornrows with tiny braids holding your hair to the extension. These braids remain hidden throughout the time you maintain the style. So, it is possible to look like your favourite hip hop artists!
  3. Weft: We also provide weft hair extensions. A weft is a strip of hairs that are free-flowing on the top while being attached at the bottom. Weft strips can be made manually as well as by machines. Manual wefts are more preferable as it is flexible according to your choice. The extensions are then applied to the wefts strand by strand.
  4. Bonding: This method uses a latex plug that is glued to your hair for short term use. As this method takes less time, it does not pinch your pocket!
  5. Adhesive Fusion: Probably the most common and best method for hair extension is Adhesive Fusion. The type of adhesive being used plays a pivotal role. Wax-based adhesives are easier to melt. So, professional-grade adhesives are well recommended. These adhesives withstand extreme heat and chemicals.


Maintaining Your Hair Extensions

As we provide the best hair extensions in Bangalore, we guide our customers on how to maintain their desired extensions. Maintenance is a crucial part; post your hair treatment and extension. It should be taken care of every four to six weeks to ensure that you have the perfect hair extension.

So, how do you get the maintenance? Though we consult our customers, we also provide them with adequate support. The only thing they have to do is book an appointment with us.

A maintenance appointment generally lasts for two hours. If you look at the bigger picture, then it is just a small investment!

An added advice that we give you is that you do not attempt to remove these highlights on your own. It might harm your hair. You need not worry, as you can always visit us if you want to remove your hair extension! If you have any queries, then you are free to walk into the best hair extension provider in Bangalore at Worldwide Hair Hub.