Men Wigs in Bangalore

Why must men remain behind in this rush for getting lush hair back on the head? Beauty trends that have no doubt evolved in the last few centuries have mainly focused on improving trends for women but with recent developments, men have been bestowed equally with the blessing and attention of the evolving and innovative beauty trends especially in the department of hair.

Men have been known to use wigs since the Victorian times and before but at that time wearing wigs had different meanings although it did serve as a cover-up for hair issues as well. Usually, earlier when wigs were worn by men, it symbolized their status and designation in society. Often nobles and royal officers were seen wearing elaborate hairdos over their heads full of hair but those wigs did nothing to look like a natural part of the body.

Even wearing wigs to cover-up for a bald patch on the head, the men had no chance at making sure that the wig would not stand out and look natural. But now men can wear their hair wigs which ensures that it gives a realistic look and no difference can be made regarding if the man is wearing a wig or if he is flaunting his real hairs.

• Making men wigs is a lot different from making women wigs. The main difference lies in the make and the structure of the wigs. Men usually have a more defined bone structure than women’s which makes the size of their head a tab bit broader. Also, men are known for having a sharper jawline which directly affects the face structure of men. Both the head and the facial structures are important for making wigs for men as the wig is supposed to blend in absolutely to keep up with the natural look.

• While making wigs for men we ensure to make the wigs a bit more on the stronger-side as the scalp skin and the surrounding skin of the men are known to be harder than that of women. We have to make sure that we get the perfect balance between making the wigs perfect for the delicateness and hardness of the men’s skin.

• Our expert wig designers have traveled far and wide to collect data regarding head structure and skin type of men. Also, the hair texture of men differs from women on micro levels and although it is not visible to the naked eye yet it becomes an important factor while making wigs for men. The coarse hair texture and the fine thin texture of both straight and curly hairs must be taken into account while making the men hair wigs.

• The hair fabrics used to attach the hair wigs are also made from breathable materials to ensure that your real hair and scalp skin get the required amount of breathing space and do not feel suffocated when you attach our manufactured men wigs atop your head. The make of the wigs also differs from the reasons for which the wig will be worn. Men wigs made for you to be worn just to play wingman to your hairstyle desires are different from men wigs made for concealment of your hair problems.

What are Men Wigs?

• Wigs are created by piecing together strands of small hair that have been previously cleaned and treated for use. Both artificial and real human hair is used to make the wigs.

• Unlike earlier times when usually animal hair or furs were used to create wigs, nowadays the wigs are made out of materials which are either raw silk threads, synthetic threads, Kanekalon or Toyokalon or gathered real human hair donated willingly by donates for making human hair wigs and extensions.

• Men wigs in Bangalore are specifically created targeting the use of men of all age groups. The wigs are broader in shapes and sizes and are quite long-lasting. As most men are known to drive their two-wheelers we make sure that the wigs are perfect for those who have to use helmets for a long period.

• More than women men have been known to wear wigs for a variety of acumens and history can testify to this fact easily. The wigs created for men have shorted hair length hairstyles although some of the wigs also have hairstyles in longer hair lengths. A masculine feel is given to the wigs and you can easily feel this when you see the wigs made especially for men.

• The human hair used for manufacturing men wigs made of real human hair is gathered from the places where the quality of the hair on the head of the men is known to be excellent. These hairs are also gathered and collected from men salons and parlors along with those men who are willing to donate their hair or sell their hair for a good cause.

• Men wigs in Bangalore help to cover up early balding for men while also lending more volume and fashionable hairstyles to the men. These wigs are often used by men who play roles in drama to create the perfect look for their character.

• Men wigs are used by individuals to change their hairstyles as well without cutting-off their hair. You can now sport any hairstyle in any hair length you want and be the man of your hairstyles with our fabulous range of men wigs.

What to look for when you are choosing Men Wigs?

Shaved heads are quite the rage with men these days and if you have shaved off your head but do not like the result then forget your remorse with our men wigs available at your service.

Forget waiting for the longs days to pass till you get to see your head filling up with hair again with our men wigs to help you out in your difficult times. Choosing men wigs can be quite time-taking so here are a few enumerated points that will help you to look for the best things while choosing the best suitable men wig for yourself or a close one.

• If you are looking for men wigs in Bangalore to hide your sparkling patches on the head and the hair fall problems that you are currently facing then it is best to go for a medicated men hair wig from our huge collection, especially for men. Look for wigs that will give your real hair and the scalp enough breathing space to by itself while covering up the patches and issues overhead. Make sure the wigs are dermatologically tested and approved. All our medicated men wigs are made from raw materials that have pre-approved by the medical and cosmetic industry together. The hair used in the manufacturing of the wigs is treated with medicines to keep infestations and foul smell away also to help your hair and scalp clean.

• The length of the hair is the next point while choosing your men’s hair wig. If you want to sport shorter and cropped hairstyle then make sure to go for hair wigs that have a short hair length. For longer hairstyles check on the strength of the hair and make sure the hair is completely tangle-free so that you can avoid it from getting messy when you attach the wig on your head.

• All the wigs come in sealed packages but are recommended that you open the package and check out the wig for yourself. Make sure that you have received the perfect hair length which you have ordered for. Look through the styling of the wig and the cropping of the hairs.

• Once you are satisfied with the quality of the hair check out the head cap and the hair lace on which the wig is sealed. Make sure the materials have micropores and are light in weight. This will not make the wig heavy on your head and you can afford all the comfort you want while wearing the wig at all times. The breathy cotton materials and hair lace also ensure that you do not sweat much when you wear the wig. It also makes sure that your scalp remains itch proof.

• Also, check if the wig is clean and knots-free. Check for bad smells and infestations before you buy the wig. A clean and healthy wig is not just shiny but also smells good and feels good when you run the hairs through your fingers. Keep a check on the color fastness of the men wig as well while making sure the hair texture matches that of your real hair or the hair you wanted to sport.

Place your Order for Men Wigs with us in Bangalore

Looking for the best supplier to supply you with men wigs? Well, what is better than having a manufacturer of wigs acting as your supplier? If you are wondering regarding the acumens on why to place your order for men wigs from us then have a glance below.

• We ensure that the men wigs manufactured by us are of the best quality. The hairs used in the wigs are treated and cleaned with hair care products approved by medical teams. The artificial hairs used to make men wigs are also treated with professional products at our treatment centers in our manufacturing units.
• After each strand of hair is made to go through the hygiene process, professionals check and approve the strands that are not just clean but also strong and shiny. We make sure to enhance the glossiness of the hair with hair shine products.

• It is ensured by our manufacturing experts that the strands of both real human hair and artificial hair used in the wigs are tangle-free. Knotted hair strands are discarded immediately. This also makes our men wigs easy to comb through. The users of our wigs can also keep the wigs clean and mess-free easily.

• All our men wigs are cut and shaped by machines but if you require hand-woven men wigs then we are the right manufacturer for you. We have a separate team of experts who are celebrated for their advanced hand-weaving techniques.

• You can also get your men wig customized according to the style and cut you need. All you have to do is to pay a visit to our experienced designers and after taking your measurements you can give them a sketch of the hairstyle you want and we guarantee that we will get your personalized men hair wig in no time at all.

• We are also available for commercial contracts. You can send your designs to us and the measurements of the men wigs you require and we will make sure to manufacture the lot exactly according to the specifications you have provided. We also manufactured colored men’s hair wig and guarantee the color fastness of the wigs. You can choose whichever color you want on your men wig and use the wig for as long as you want without worrying about fading pigmentation.

• The price range for our collection of men wigs depends on the texture, style, and color of the wig you choose. For customized men hair wigs, you can check the price details with our executives after having a talk with the designers and finalizing your order. Although there might be subtle differences in the price range of the men wigs, still all our wigs are very much affordable both for individuals and commercial dealers. You can also get offers when you order in a huge quantity.

• We assure you that our men wigs will give you a completely natural look where no one can differentiate between it being a wig or your real hair. Even the feel of the wigs is completely realistic thus making you feel more comfortable when you wear the wig. All our deliveries are made within the given timeline and we make doorstep delivery for both individual and commercial orders.

• The durability of our wigs is another factor and you can store the wig for as long as you like with proper aftercare. The shelf-life of our unused men wigs is also quite long provided the wigs are stored properly.
All our wigs are packed in an eco-friendly manner and we make deliveries all over Bangalore. You can also get your men to wig attached from our hair care unit. Just give us a ring for more details.