Flaunt the most natural frontal hair line in the world


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Revolutionary |  Highest Quality | Affordable | Crafted in Canada

Our revolutionary hair systems are not only the most undetectable, but we offer the highest quality human hair available at affordable prices for everyone suffering from hair loss. This means only one thing – the best hair restoration solution for your exact requirements.

Flaunt the most natural frontal hair line in the world that no surgical procedure could ever offer, only from Canada’s World Wide Hair Hub.

Let us answer your major doubts about Hair Systems

What do you provide, Hair Fixing or Hair Weaving or Hair Transplant ?

World Wide hair Hub provides Hair Fixing  using the the highest quality human hair and it is completely non-surgical.   

How do you fix/stick the hair piece on my head?

We use a combination of special double generic Double Sided Tape & a special Silicon gel to fix the hair system to your scalp.

Is this absolutely safe for my skin ?

This is absolutely safe for your skin, as all the products that we use are internationally renowned and known brands.

Can I take bath with my Hair System on ?

Yes, you can !

Can I do a regular brushing, combing of my Hair System ?

Yes, you can and you should ! regular brushing & combing of your hair system keeps it looking lush with its natural lustre. With the revolutionary hairline built into our every single Hair System, it would be virtually undetectable by anyone.

Where can I get a World Wide Hair Hub hair system?

We are currently in Dubai, UAE (call us on +971 4 346 5695) and in India -Bengaluru & Chennai ( call us on +91 98802 90659 )

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